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Getting a Jetson Nano up and running

I recently had need to buy one of NVidia's Jetson Nano Development Kits. Platypus Technical is currently doing some research and development in mobile computer vision and artificial intelligence. The Jetson Nano seems like a good option for the project, and is available with a development board that is marketed with the promise of an optimised Linux OS that runs popular tools optimsed for the Jetson hardware. What is the Jetson Nano Dev Kit? The development kit is a Jetson Nano module mounted on a board of peripherals that make things a bit easier (e.g. USB, HDMI, etheret). It looks a lot like a Raspberry Pi and is priced about the same. However, it was far from as straight forward to get up and running for development. Now the Jetson series and the Raspberry Pi are probably targeting different...