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Using python to program micro:bit

One of the things Platypus Technical does is develop tools for learning and teaching STEM.  This month I have been looking at the BBC micro:bit through the Advent Kit from Little Bird Electronics.  As part of that I have been uploading example python code to the Platypus Technical micro:bit repository. Although it was straight forward to get a micro:bit running with python, there was a little bit of running around finding the utilities.  So in the interest of making it as quick and easy for you to run the examples in the repository, here is a quick guide to getting setup to program your micro:bit with python.  If this guide doesn't work for you, please let me know what went wrong in the comments. The easiest python editor I have found is Mu.  Fortunately for us, it comes ready with a micro:bit mode. Install Python 3 The pre-requisite is...