We are leaders in science and engineering who specialise in accessing international research and knowledge for your business.

We are researchers and developers, experts at finding and applying knowledge, and designing experiments and tools to create new knowledge.

Platypus Technical provides consultation and technical services that will take your idea from its conception, through research and development, to validation or publication.

Science and Engineering

Platypus Technical works in the fields of medical science, human neuroscience, electrical and electronics engineering, and software engineering.  We specialise in the physiology and neuroscience of human movement and sport, as well as the application of engineering applied to medicine, health and sport.

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Instrumentation and Measurement

Do you need help measuring something?  Are you unsure which instruments are best for the job? Your data is only as good as the measurements you took.  Platypus Technical are experts in measurement, experimental design, and instrumentation, especially when it involves measuring human performance.

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Data Analysis and Interpretation

Correct analysis and statistics is critical for understanding your data and using it to inform action.  Platypus Technical will design your experiment and analysis to answer the questions you want answered.  Alternatively, we can analyse and interpret exisiting data to determine which actions are supported by the evidence.

Let us help you understand your data.

Literature Review

Many of our services are about answering questions where the answer is unknown, or inventing a new method or measurement.  However, with science and engineering, the answer is often already there, you just don’t know where.  Platypus Technical knows where to look and how to find answers (and then we can help you apply it).  Are you unsure if there is already an answer to your question?

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Science Communication

Science and engineering can be hard to understand and even harder to explain.  Our principal, Dr Lee Walsh, has an international record in communicating science and engineering.  This includes publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers, working with media, and teaching science and engineering to primary school children.

Need to communicate complex ideas?

Quality Management, Validation and Verification

Everyone wants to produce quality products and services.  However, proving that your products do what you say is not always straight forward.  Neither is demonstrating quality control or assurance to others.  Platypus Technical has the skills and experience needed to produce or assess validation and verification evidence, as well as the quality management system that holds it.

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