Giving teachers the STEM support that they want.

Platypus Technical will help you make your ideas for STEM education a reality.

Platypus Technical are practising engineers and scientists with experience supporting teachers and students in STEM. We design and build tools and resources, provide classroom support and develop skills and knowledge.

Professional Development

There are numerous resources and projects out there for students, but what about teachers? Teachers are the ones who have to answer student questions, and provide support when projects don’t work. Where do teachers learn to code? How do they build new STEM skills?

Platypus Technical can provide training and development for STEM teachers, so that you can support your student’s learning, and continue your own development.

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New Teaching Resources

Teachers always have great ideas for new resources, but can’t always make them happen. Platypus Technical are leaders and science, engineering and communication. We can help you turn your idea into a new STEM resource for you, your school and your students.

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Sometimes it helps to have an expert on hand. Complex experiments can go wrong, unexpected results need explaining, and student like to see ‘the real thing’. We have worked with students from K to 12, in and out of the classroom, and enjoy difficult questions and solving problems.

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