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Experts at finding and applying knowledge, designing experiments, analysing data, and enabling innovation.

Platypus Technical will help you take your idea from conception, through research and development, to validation or publication.

Research & Development

Do you have a question that you need answered? Do have an idea and don’t know how to realise it? Platypus Technical is here to give your business access to international research, and support developing your idea into a product. Whether the answer is hidden in the library, requires specialised design or experiments, or collecting and analysing your own data, we will find it for you.

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Clear communication is critical to business, but not everything is easy to explain. Explaining complex data, technical concepts and R&D outcomes to non-specialists can be hard. The staff at Platypus Technical have an intentional record in communicating science, engineering and data. We can write your white papers, publish your research, brief your executives, write your grants or work with the media. We can also talk technical with the rest of your specialists.

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