Platypus Technical provides access to international research in science and engineering to develop your idea.

We are experts in finding and creating knowledge, measurement and experimentation, data and analysis, and communication.

We specialise in accessing international research and knowledge to apply it to your questions, challenges, classroom or business.

We will lead your idea through all stages, from the initial concept and design, onto experimenting and prototyping, through data analysis and interpretation, to final delivery or publication.


Dr Lee Walsh 


Director and Principal

Certificate IV Government Investigation
PRINCE2 Foundation
Electrical College (Engineers Australia)
Biomedical College (Engineers Australia)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Physiological Society
Brain Foundation

Dr Lee Walsh is an engineer, scientist and communicator. He has over a decade of experience in research and development, and working with teachers and schools on STEM.

Lee specialises in measurement, instrumentation, software development, data analysis and communication. He is known internationally for his work in measurement of physiology, psychophysics, human movement, and medical devices.

Much of Lee’s work has been published in highly ranked international journals, and some of the systems he has built are still in use around the world 10 years later.  More recently he has helped business to do the research they need to test their products and find new value. 

Lee loves making science, engineering and technology accessible to all, and since 2007 has worked with educators to support the teaching of science, engineering and technology in schools.  He has worked with students in the classroom, and with teachers developing resources and programs.  Lee is the real thing, and can show you and your students how it’s done in the real world.