Platypus Technical

Platypus Technical are experts in design, data validation and regulation for Health and Performance.

Our skill in finding and creating knowledge, measurement and experimentation, data and analysis, and communication is second to none.

We specialise in applying international research, knowledge, and best practice to your questions, challenges, product or business.

If it is a medical device, athletic performance, or research and development problem Platypus Technical can lead you to a solution.

Dr Lee Walsh 


Director and Principal


Certificate IV Government Investigation
PRINCE2 Foundation
Electrical College (Engineers Australia)
Biomedical College (Engineers Australia)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Physiological Society
Brain Foundation

Our principal, Dr Lee Walsh, is an engineer, medical scientist, author and speaker who is internationally recognised in his fields.

With over a decade of experience in research and development, Dr Walsh has established an international reputation for excellence and is regularly invited to speak.  His work is published in highly ranked international journals, and systems he has designed and built are still in use around the world 10 years later.

Dr Walsh has contributed to policy and regulation as well as Australian and international standards for medical devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity.  This includes representing the Australian Government on standards committees and international working groups.

In science and engineering Dr Walsh specialises in measurement, instrumentation and  software development, for data analysis and communication. In regulation he specilises in medical devices, including engineering and clinical validation.

He is known internationally for his work in the measurement of human physiology, psychophysics and performance as well as medical device testing and validation.

Dr Walsh is an athlete and motorcyclist and has recently focused his research and development work on solutions to optimise athletic performance in motor racing.